1. Bringing this little burner back. #silkscreening #degibson (at Verdugo Bar)

  2. Got some Giclee prints of some ink drawings done on 11x15 100%rag watercolor paper. Check out on stuffandstuff.bigcartel.com NO SNAPPERS!

  3. I didn’t know what to draw so I drew this. 

  4. #Graphite #degibson

  5. WWJD tee is up. On stuffandstuff.bigcartel.com This sleeveless was inspired by the chignon of the chingones @jasonredwood dude does not wear sleeves. Also check out his work. ☝️👀 it’s the best.

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  7. Going full blown internet artist. Moving into a new studio so I thought I would post some of my new babies. #internet #art #degibson. Stuffandstuff.bigcartel.com

  8. @sharkeysmalls SF riff raff

  9. Flashback from today when I ate the hottest taco in the world with @picassogun

  10. Taco flavored kisses.

  11. Self Portrait of a dirty old man. #degibson (at CaliMex)

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  12. #degibson iPhone shadow puppet #imyourpuppet

  13. WFH #degibson

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  14. Spike tee grey only made 2 one for you one for me. Also still in white. Thank you to all the people that ordered stuff. Love you 👀stuffandstuff.bigcartel.com 📍 (at Uno Market)

  15. Lord, bring me a chola with worst tattoos than mine. Thx #degibson #chola #ink (at CaliMex)